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With more than one million students taking the ACT test each year and an ever-increasing competition to get into the best universities, the stakes are high for scoring well on the ACT test. A difference of a point or two can mean scholarship dollars for a student as well as opportunities to attend schools that were once thought out of reach. Students enrolled in our 8-week Knowledge Edge ACT prep program improve their score an average of 3 – 4 points. In addition, students gain not only knowledge but also confidence for college and beyond. We also offer general and subject area SAT test preparation. For registration information go to

Our Knowledge Edge ACT prep program focuses on the following core components:

  • Reinforcement of previously learned skills
  • Test Strategy
  • One-on-one explanations of answers
  • Timed practice to build confidence

“After completing the customized, 8-week ACT prep program, his composite score improved 5 points. We are thrilled with the expanded college options this has created for him!”

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