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The Sciences

All of the tutors at Knowledge Studio 1 have worked professionally in scientific or engineering fields. We are knowledgeable about and have experience in the use of laboratory equipment and technique. We’ve written scientific and engineering reports and published research articles in peer-reviewed journals. This gives us the ability to increase students’ interest in and conceptual understanding of challenging, sometimes frustrating, topics by providing context and application to what they are learning.

We provide tutoring services in physics, chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, and human physiology at the high school and college level. In particular we are familiar with the Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum in AP Physics C, AP Chemistry, and AP Biology courses as well as helping students prepare for success on the end of year AP exams. To learn more about the AP curriculum and AP exam administration go to

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“I can’t tell you just how thankful I am for your help over the past 2 years. When I first started our appointments I was struggling to understand the basic concepts behind physics. With your help I closed my junior year with an A+ in that class. This year every concept felt foreign, and an impossibility to learn on my own. Yet within one session not only could I learn about the concepts but I could apply them. I felt confident and knowledgeable walking into the AP exam and felt happy and satisfying [sic] coming out. Thank you for everything!”

P.S. I’ll let you know how I do on the APs. I felt really confident leaving both Physics and calc!”!”

— University School of Milwaukee Student

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