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3rd-8th Grade

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Our math programs help students in grades 3-8 learn new skills, enrich their understanding of math concepts, and apply mathematical thinking and reasoning across the curriculum. Our Basic Math Program helps students learn math skills in three general categories:

  • Math Facts
  • Computation
  • Concepts & Applications

Mastering these skills provides young students with the math help they need for advancement to higher-level math classes.

We also provide stand alone developmental math programs in Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry that are great summer enrichment activities to keep math skills sharp or get a jump on the school year. Each program is delivered so that students focus only on the specific areas needed for improvement. Practical exercises and tests ensure that students move on to new topics only when they’ve mastered the previous one and move at their own pace.

For more advanced math topics,
please visit our Advanced Mathematics page.

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