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Our mission is simple: to provide outstanding guidance and instructive mentoring throughout the length of a student’s educational adventures in mathematics and the sciences. We are a collection of singular tutors, each possessing a broad and deep knowledge of mathematics and science, guiding students through high stakes testing, demanding coursework, and aha moments. Along the way we instill analytical thinking, studying skills, and test taking strategies that help students reach their full potential.

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Knowledge Studio One Tutor Keith Bankert

Keith Bankert

Owner & Professional Tutor

I am deeply committed to education and science. When not tutoring, I spend my time volunteering with the Milwaukee Area Science Advocates, a 501(c)3 that works to engage our local science community and local residents to effectively address local issues on the topics of public health, science education, and sustainability.

Email: keithbankert@yahoo.com

Specializes in Tutoring Everything!

Knowledge Studio One Tutor Dr Sherry Seston

Dr. Sherry Seston

Co-owner & Biologist

I am a biologist and educator with over 12 years of experience as a Professor of Biology. My hobbies are skiing, running, golfing, paddle boarding, and anything else that involves being outside as much as possible! I am also passionate about mentoring young women in science, technology, engineering, and math careers.

Email: sherry@knowledgestudio1.com

Specializes in Biology, Chemistry, & ACT/SAT Prep

Knowledge Studio One Tutor David Edelman

David Edelman

Mechanical Engineer

I recently moved back to Wisconsin after spending 14 years working as a mechanical engineer and graphic design artist in Colorado. I am passionate about the activities I fell in love with out west and can be found in the climbing gym or on my bike, skateboard, or snowboard going fast! I also love reading, mostly science fiction, and art in many forms including photography and embroidery..

Email: dedelman3@gmail.com

Specializes in Physics, Math, ACT/SAT Prep

Knowledge Studio One Tutor Carmen Garcia Sierra

Carmen M. Garcia Sirera

Teacher & Tutor

I am originally from Barcelona, Spain but I have lived in the Milwaukee area for more than 20 years. I have been in education for 15 years as a tutor, teacher and administrator. I studied Chemistry in Michigan and worked as a chemist and product manager prior to becoming a tutor and a teacher. I have taught and tutored math, science, Spanish, and ACT prep. I am a mother of three with high hopes to be a part of the making of a generation of self confident young adults. 

Email: carmengs1973@gmail.com

Specializes in Chemistry, Math, & Spanish

Knowledge Studio One Tutor Alex Blom

Dr. Alex Blom

Physical Chemist

I am an Associate Professor of Chemistry  and have been teaching physical and inorganic chemistry, instrumental analysis, and special topics courses for 10 years at Alverno College. My research focus is the environmental chemistry of pharmaceutical degradation in natural water systems. In my spare time I enjoy running, reading crime fiction and graphic novels, woodworking, and roasting my own coffee beans.

Email: docblom83@gmail.com

Specialize in Chemistry, Physics, & Math

Knowledge Studio One Tutor Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller

Teacher & Tutor

I am a writer and a 12-year English Language Arts teacher.  I have experience in ACT prep, alternative education, and student-led progress monitoring.  I recently moved to Milwaukee to pursue a graduate degree in linguistics.  As a tutor, I hope to facilitate, not dictate, student growth and achievement.  Furthermore, I strive for your child to undertake a meaningful journey from student to self-motivated, lifelong learner.  When I’m not tutoring, I enjoy biking, reading, writing, listening to music, and gaming.

Email: amiller1979@live.com

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